Nurturing Body and Soul






Full Body Massage

Massage oils are used to provide a soothing all over body massage, relaxing tight muscles and smoothing away stress

Acupressure Chair Massage

Relieve stress and tension held in the neck, shoulders and back through this fully clothed deep massage, applying targeted pressure to acupressure points. Leaves you feeling destressed and revitalised

Thai Foot Massage

A relaxing massage of the whole foot, lower legs and knees. Using sumptuous body butter​ to make your skin feel beautifully soft a firm pressure is applied along sen lines, leaving your feet feeling fabulous



A beautiful healing and relaxing treatment. Hands are placed on or over the clients body and Reiki energy is "channelled", leaving the recipient feeling calm and relaxed

Indian Head Massage

A deeply relaxing massage of the head, neck and arms, with or without oils. Great for relaxing tension in the neck and shoulders caused by long spells of desk based working 

Intuitive Healing​

A treatment consisting of a mixture of all above treatments, following a consultation. Intuitive healing offers the client the opportunity to see energetic causes to recurrent illnesses/issues and aids the release of blocked energies that may be the cause.


Reiki Drumming and other reiki treatments

Using a drum to beat gently while channelling reiki through the drum. Reiki energy is enhanced by the vibrations of the drum. A powerful treatment providing complete relaxation, excellent for healing on an emotional or spiritual level. Soul retrieval and drum journeying. 

Please ask for more details.

Crystal Healing

A beautiful healing and relaxing treatment. Crystals are used to create and energetic healing pattern on and around the clients body. Often given alongside other therapies such as Reiki. Individual crystals contain energetic vibrations that match healing codes within the body, as the crystal energy is transferred a gentle and effective healing is experienced, leaving the recipient feeling calm and relaxed



£22 per 30 minute Block

All treatments priced in 30 minute blocks. Buy one or as many as you want. Enabling you to book as much time as you want.  A full body massage is usually 60 minutes. Want longer? Why not incorporate 30 minutes of Head Massage into your treatment making 1hr 30 minutes. Multiple bookings for your family? Just book as many sessions as required to cover the number of people and amount of time per person. Other session lengths available

Discount for group bookings and concessions available.


Corporate Wellbeing Packages

Work based massage therapies and mindfulness practices are popular and proven methods to reducing sickness absence and improving staff wellbeing.

All companies regardless of size are affected by staff sickness levels. In 2016 the Office of National Statistics reported an estimated 137.3 million working days lost to illness and injury. That’s a rise of 6.3 million days since 2013. There were 30.8 million days were lost to musculoskeletal problems (including back pain, neck and upper limb problems). Mental health issues (including stress, depression, anxiety and serious conditions) cost the UK 15.8 million days.


The estimated cost of sickness cost the UK economy in 2016 has been estimated at £11 billion.

Every business needs its workforce to be healthy and happy to reduce the impact sickness has on it, its production and profitability. To manage this many companies now look for alternative ways of reducing sickness absence, including proactive management to reduce the likelihood of stress conditions and enabling a faster return to work. I specialise in providing bespoke health and wellbeing packages, including massage based therapies and mindfulness practices, designed for each organisation, to help them improve staff health and wellbeing. Each treatment available is ideal for receiving in the work place, with no need for the recipient to undress.

I treat people on a daily basis that are suffering from stress induced illnesses. Corporate clinics provides me first-hand experience of the impact stress can have on an individual and in the workplace. These include; muscular aches and pains, difficulty concentrating, headaches, irritability and lethargy.

Your company can book corporate health and wellbeing events, one off sessions and quarterly, monthly or weekly clinics. Packages available can be tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. I can attend for a few hours or a whole day. As each organisation is unique I will build the optimum package to meet your needs, whole or half days can be catered for, treatments offered can be as many or few as required from the list below:

Acupressure Chair Massage

Indian Head Massage

Thai Foot Massage


All of these treatments are fully clothed and suitable for the office environment. They can be provided in a room supplied by you or behind screening provided by me.

Treatment lengths can be tailored to offer the best value packages for your staff, options include:

10 Minutes

15 Minutes

20 Minutes

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

60 Minutes

There are a variety of options available for managing bookings. I have an online booking system that can be emailed directly to staff, or placed on a staff intranet. You can manage booking corporately offering spaces to individuals or whole teams. Occupational Health referrals may also be a route to clinic provision.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements:


Want a no risk, free Taster Session?

So what if you are not sure if this will work in your organisation? Do you think it will work but unsure what treatments to have in your corporate package?

I'm happy to provide a free taster event for people to experience any of the treatments offered. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. The usual programme for taster sessions is a presentation, with Q and A and four free taster treatments of your choice for you to gauge what would suit your organisational needs.

My Mission

I aim to provide a quality service for your staff, increasing wellbeing and reducing stress and tension.

Reduction in stress and tension leads to increased productivity and reduced sickness levels.